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Ruby J. Peters

Educator: Lawton Public Schools

Lawton, Oklahoma 73505

Meet Ruby Peters, the widow of Major L. Peters, 27 year veteran of the U.S. Army. Mother of two children Joy and Samuel and four grandchildren three boys and one girl. Member of Bethlehem Baptist Church – The House of Bread Where Souls are Fed, in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Occupation & Profession:

   * Currently employed with Lawton Public Schools SY 2018 - 2019

   * President of Professional Educators’ Association of Lawton (P.E.A.L.) June 1, 2011 -June 1, 2016     PEAL is  the Local Association for National Education Association (NEA) & Oklahoma Education Association (OEA)

   * Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) 15 years as, Library Media Specialist, Classroom  Teacher, Education Program Manager and Elementary School Administrator, all assignments in either Germany or England


* Cameron University B.S. Elementary Education, 1981

* Southwestern Oklahoma State University M.Ed., Media, 1987

* Boston University @ Heidelberg, Germany ( Graduate Study of Elementary School Administration) 1992/1993

* University of Texas (Graduate Study of Early Childhood) 1994/1995

* Cameron University M.S. Educational Leadership, 2015


* Comanche County Democratic Party (Vice Chair 4 years)

* Registrar for Get Out the Vote

* Organizer of Political Forums

* Former Member of Lawton Public Schools Bond Oversight Committee

* Political Awareness Chairperson for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

* Candidate for Oklahoma State House of Representatives, District 62 (2016)

Memberships & Awards:

* Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (Social Action Chairperson/Political Awareness)

* The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. (Charter Member, Past President, Epsilon Delta of Lawton)

* Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education 2015

* National Education Association (Black Caucus, President} (OEA) 2016

* Oklahoma African American Hall of Fame (Life Membership) 2015

* NAACP (Life Member) (August 2003)

* Social Action and Community Service Award (2012)

* Excellence in Community Service Award (2013)

* Delta Day @ Oklahoma State Capitol Award (2014)

* Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) Political Activist Award (2014)

* Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Service Award (2015



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Political Platform


    * Protection and Support of Pre-existing Conditions and other critical health issues.

Mental Health

    * as an educator for many years, I have seen the devasting effects on children and families.

Veteran’s Issues

    * my spouse was a victim of Agent Orange, so I have personal experiences with the many issues our Veterans face daily.


    * Over the years, specifically the last two years our educational system is consistently deteriorating from lack of resources, leadership, and not having the voices of educators at the decision-making level who care about Our Public Schools.

School Safety

     * School safety have become a National Safety Crisis and must be addressed through Gun Safety, Mental Health, Elected Officials and            Organizations interested in creating safe environments for Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn.

Social Security & Medicare


* Protection of Social Security and Medicare is a must. The current Oklahoma Elected Officials have signed on to cut Social Security &        Medicare after the election. I will Post the Panel with that information.

I will also Post some changes scheduled for reduction in Medicare and changes from Social Security to Benefits.


Ruby Peters

United States House of Representatives

Oklahoma’s Fourth District

Over the past several years I’ve seen our educational system consistently deteriorate from lack of resources, unfunded mandates, High-Stakes-Testing, with school funding becoming an afterthought to Oklahoma Officials and simply not spoken about with our representatives in Washington, DC. Our elected leaders have failed in leadership abilities to meet the needs of our Public Schools, K-12 and Higher Education. The needs of our veterans, the future of health care for people with disabilities and senior citizens are not being met and plans are on the way to take what little they have now. Rural hospitals may become extinct, if we send Tom Cole back to Washington. This gentleman has done nothing except collected a check. Veterans are sick and tired of receiving his fancy form letters. All of this is fixable when they stop following the party instead of working for

the people. Tom Cole is on various committees doing what building a resume and connecting to those persons who keep his coffers filled with money to run for reelection.

In summary, I am now or have been personally touched by my platform. I’ve been in education over 40 years if it happened I saw it, accepted and tried to make it work, even if it meant funding from my pocket. My objective was to do my very best to reach and teach my students with love and respect. I’m a stakeholder!

Veteran issues are up close and personal for our family. I was the care provider for my spouse, affectionally known as B-Bear. I watched him fight through the system to get benefits he had earned, when he should have been enjoying his last days with family. I’m a stakeholder!

My mother was in in a nursing facility prior to her transition, and I currently have an Aunt in a nursing facility, where I volunteer as President of Family Council. Therefore, I’m in those facilities often and visit with residents and families. I’m a stakeholder!

Health Care we’re ALL Stakeholders!

I’ve experienced students with mother’s and father’s incarcerated and presented this concern during Delta Day at the Capitol a few years ago. This issue is critical for families and communities, but most of all children. I’m a stakeholder!

Please Note: We’re All Stakeholders in School-to-Prison-Pipeline, it starts in Kindergarten and continues throughout our children school years. This critical issue involves “Our Future- Our Children”

As an Independent Candidate, I will work for you!

My mission is to work for the people who send me to Washington and to keep them informed and involved in the decision-making process. I will seek resolutions from both sides of the aisles. The current two-party system is looking out for themselves and their re-election, not the people. Perhaps, they’re afraid or timid about speaking out and working for what is right and good for everyday Americans.

As an Independent Candidate, I ask who the real beneficiaries of the present policies are, not every day Americans. The D’s and R’s are simply unable to compromise and work together to produce workable solutions. Elect Ruby Peters for US House, Oklahoma’s Fourth District! My campaign is totally funded by me and a small donation of $750.00. Therefore, I don’t owe any outside parties, or PAC’s. I refused money from outside interest groups, except education of $750.00

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Proudly Serving Southern Oklahoma

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